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Organic Indigo Powder

Sale priceRs. 299.00

Explore the natural beauty of our Organic Indigo Powder, derived from the purest indigofera tinctoria leaves, offering a wealth of benefits for your hair and skin. Handcrafted with care, our organic powder guarantees authenticity and quality with each application.


  1. Natural Hair Coloring: Indigo powder serves as a natural dye, imparting rich, dark tones to hair when used in combination with henna or separately, providing a range of shades from blue-black to brown.
  2. Covers Grays: Effectively covers gray hair strands, lending a natural, uniform color without harsh chemicals, promoting a more youthful appearance.
  3. Scalp Health: Known for its cooling properties, indigo powder can soothe the scalp, potentially alleviating itchiness and promoting a healthier scalp environment.
  4. Hair Strengthening: Regular use of indigo powder can help in strengthening hair strands, preventing breakage and improving overall hair texture.
  5. Skin Care: In skincare routines, indigo is utilized for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, assisting in soothing skin irritations and promoting healthy skin.

Experience the wonders of organic indigo powder, a natural and eco-friendly solution for your hair coloring needs, and a potential aid in promoting scalp and skin health.

Organic Indigo Powder
Organic Indigo Powder Sale priceRs. 299.00